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M-Qube Interactive is all set to unveil NovusHearts, their upcoming indie studio creation – an open-world MOBA. The game is hitting the platforms of Steam, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS, offering gamers a chance to dive into the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena with extensive character customization features.

Get ready to personalize your hero and embark on thrilling adventures in the fantastical realm of Eldoria. In NovusHearts, expect a vibrant landscape and lively towns waiting for your exploration. Your choices matter, influencing the unfolding story and delivering a unique gaming experience tailored to your decisions.

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NovusHearts MOBA Games Gameplay

During your quests, encounter formidable foes and discover treasures ripe for the taking. The combat system is skill-based and strategic, requiring you to tap into your inner tactician. Additionally, the game introduces a Wings system that allows you to customize your wings and take flight to unveil hidden secrets in the skies.

While an exact release date is yet to be announced, you can currently sign up and register to secure early access or receive exclusive updates.

For those eager to give NovusHearts a try, head over to the official website for more information on the game and its lore. Join the community on M-Qube Interactive’s official Twitter page to stay in the loop with the latest developments. And for a sneak peek into the game’s vibes and visuals, take a look at the embedded clip above. Get ready for an exciting journey into the expansive world of NovusHearts!

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