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If someone offered you elemental powers, would you turn them down? Well, it turns out there might be more to consider, at least in Robending Online. Our Robending Online Non-Element guide delves into the fifth choice and explains why Non-Element isn’t a waste.

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Robending Online Non-Element Guide

We’ve broken this down into a few topics.

How To Pick Non-Element

Choosing a non-elemental character is easy. When you start, pick the fifth icon on the element select screen, under the four elements. It’s a red and black icon. Selecting that gives you the Non-Element status and locks you out of elemental powers for that character.

What Good Is Non-Element?

So why would you choose something that doesn’t give you cool elemental abilities? Well, you might not have an element, but that doesn’t mean you lack skills. Your lack of power is compensated by technology and good old-fashioned training.

The skills allow users to stun opponents with rope throws, disappear with smoke bombs, and even awaken their instincts to auto-dodge for a short time.

What Are The Downsides?

The Non-Element class is pretty undeveloped currently, but that should change in future updates. According to the official Discord, there will be a lot of Non-Element content still to come. However, you may have to wait, as the Elements are their priority right now.

What is Robending Roblox?

Robending is a Roblox game inspired by the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender and Avatar: Legend Of Korra. Pick your element and venture into a world where elemental powers are the norm, for now. The Anti-Element movement is gaining traction, and trouble is brewing.

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