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Exciting news for RPG fans – Caves of Lore, the hit game developed by a single indie creator, is now available on iOS devices. This old-school RPG, loved by many players, originally launched on Steam a year ago and is now making its mobile debut at a reasonable $7.99. Impressively, it has already claimed the #10 spot in the Role Playing category on the App Store.

TILTGames, operated by Michael Robins, is the brains behind Caves of Lore. What’s even more impressive? This game is a solo project that Michael started seven years ago while juggling a full-time job. Back then, he had no idea where it would lead, making his journey truly inspiring.

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In Caves of Lore, a mysterious fog covers the world, messing with people’s memories and their ability to read and write. The game draws inspiration from classic RPGs, offering a world filled with secrets, monsters, loot, traps, and NPCs.

Get ready to explore over 20 areas with up to six party members and a classless structure with levels. The game emphasizes exploration, discovery, and combat, allowing you to shape your characters and companions as you progress. Skills, abilities, and spells improve as you use them, adding a dynamic aspect to your journey.

As you move through the overworld, you lead a group of characters and can switch party leadership between any companion and yourself, providing flexibility. However, keep in mind that splitting the party for puzzles requiring different actions from various characters is a no-go!

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If you’re a fan of classic RPGs and enjoy a captivating solo-developed game, Caves of Lore is worth checking out. Download it on the App Store and embark on a nostalgic adventure today!

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