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Following its 5th-anniversary celebration in December, Blade & Soul Revolution is back with a fresh update for February. This latest patch brings some notable changes to the Ancient Grade Hunt Equipment and introduces the new Radiant Legendary Relic. Let’s dive into the details of what’s new in the Blade & Soul universe.

Blade & Soul Revolution – What’s New in This Update?

The spotlight of this update shines on the Ancient Grade Hunt Equipment, which now offers increased XP rewards. Additionally, players can now access the elusive Ancient Grade Relic through the Radiant Legendary Relic, allowing for enhanced character power-ups.

Until March 5th, players can acquire the Prosperous Pouch and Lucky Pouch using Silver. These special pouches contain a variety of valuable items. The Prosperous Pouch includes goodies like the Attack Type Radiant Legendary Equipment Set, Gilded Triangular Gem, and Handmade Underwater Palace Fishing Rod.

Meanwhile, the Lucky Pouch offers treasures such as the Legendary Guardian Spirit, Legendary Pet, and Legendary Skill Badge.

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The February patch introduces a series of events to keep players engaged and rewarded. The New Year 28-day Check-in Event runs from February 1st to March 20th, offering rewards like Luxurious Legendary Skill Badge Unseal 10+1, Luxurious Legendary Gem Summon 10+1, and Premium Guardian Spirit Protection Summon 10+1.

During the Bonus Time Event, which takes place from February 1st to March 5th, players can enjoy a 100% boost in Battle XP gain and a 100% increase in user Kill Faction Points. The Check-In Event, running from February 1st to February 13th, offers rewards such as Premium Guardian Spirit Protection Summon 10+1 and Dungeon Auto-Clear Tickets.

Lastly, the Revolution Challenge Event, starting from February 1st to March 5th, presents players with various missions to complete, earning them Ancient Fragments as rewards.

If these updates and events sound exciting to you, head over to the App Store, download Blade & Soul Revolution, and join in on the action. Don’t miss out on the adventure awaiting you in Blade & Soul’s latest update!

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