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In this guide, we’ll delve into the strategic approach of selecting toppings for Mercurial Knight Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. Toppings play a crucial role in enhancing a cookie’s abilities, and understanding the best combinations can significantly impact gameplay. We’ll explore the various options available and recommend the most effective toppings build to optimize Mercurial Knight Cookie’s performance on the battlefield.

What are Toppings in the Cookie Run Kingdom

Toppings in the Cookie Run Kingdom are equipable items that enhance the abilities of cookies. Each cookie can equip up to five toppings, which provide various bonuses such as increased damage, reduced cooldowns, or resistance to certain effects. Toppings are essential for customizing and optimizing the performance of cookies in battles and other game modes.

Mercurial Knight Abilities

Mercurial Knight Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom possesses unique abilities that set him apart on the battlefield. His primary skill, “Mercurial Knight’s Oath,” infuses his regular attacks with the power of mercury, dealing area damage to enemies and applying Mercury Poisoning.

Additionally, he executes a final strike that deals damage based on the number of Mercury Poisoning stacks. When afflicted with a debuff, Mercurial Knight Cookie gains an Amalgamation buff, eventually dispelling all debuffs and entering Mercury Storm mode, during which he becomes immune to certain effects. His skill also grants him brief resistance to interruption.

Furthermore, when paired with Silverbell Cookie, Mercurial Knight Cookie activates the Silver Knighthood buff upon entering the battlefield.

Mercurial Knight Topping Build Guide

  1. Solid Almond Toppings: These are the go-to choice for many Cookie Runners. With five of these bad boys equipped, your Mercurial Knight Cookie will be tougher than ever, shrugging off damage like a champ.
  2. Searing Raspberry Toppings with Damage Resist Substats: If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, consider this alternative topping build. With five of these toppings, you’ll still pack a punch while also gaining some extra resistance against enemy attacks.

Now, you might be wondering, why these toppings? Well, it’s all about maximizing Mercurial Knight Cookie’s abilities. His “Mercurial Knight’s Oath” skill is all about dishing out damage and wreaking havoc on the battlefield. With the right toppings, you can amplify his strengths and turn him into a true force to be reckoned with.

How to get Mercurial Knight in CRK


To obtain Mercurial Knight in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK), players typically need to participate in specific events or complete certain challenges within the game. Mercurial Knight may be featured as a limited-time reward in events, where players can earn or unlock him by completing event missions, collecting event-specific items, or reaching certain milestones.

Additionally, Mercurial Knight may occasionally be available through special offers in the in-game shop, where players can purchase him using in-game currency or real money. Keep an eye out for announcements within the game or on official social media channels for opportunities to obtain Mercurial Knight in CRK.

Is Mercurial Knight Overpowered in CRK?

Determining whether Mercurial Knight is overpowered in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK) depends on various factors, including his performance relative to other cookies, his impact on gameplay balance, and player feedback.

As of the latest information available, Mercurial Knight Cookie is known for having potent abilities, particularly with his “Mercurial Knight’s Oath” skill, which can deal significant area damage and apply status effects to enemies.

However, whether he is considered overpowered ultimately comes down to individual opinions and experiences within the game’s community. It’s essential to consider factors such as game updates, balancing adjustments, and the overall meta when evaluating Mercurial Knight’s power level in CRK.

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