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For those that are interested, iLLANG, A New Anime Among Us Social Deduction Games will be coming to Android and iOS. Challengers Games, a cool Korean game studio, is launching their latest creation, iLLANG, tomorrow! If you’re into cute and thrilling social deduction games, this one’s for you.

What’s iLLANG all about, you ask?

Picture this: you’re in a charming place called Koji Village, where mystery and trickery are the name of the game. You and your pals (up to 6 to 20 of them) will dive into various mini-games and missions. Your main mission? Help the villagers uncover the sneaky iLLANG.

In iLLANG, you’ll need to use your smarts and social skills to outwit the wolf in sheep’s clothing (that’s what iLLANG means, by the way). It’s all about deduction, deception, and chatting with your buddies to reach your goals. Plus, you’ll get different tasks depending on your abilities – whether you’re a villager, a fox, or even a wolf!

But wait, there’s more! Challengers Games is throwing in some sweet bonuses for pre-orders, like 1,000 Gold, 10 Gacha Tickets, 10 Job Tickets, and the super cool character ‘Akira’. So, why wait? Head to the App Store, pre-order the game, and secure your rewards!

Excited to give iLLANG a try?

You’re not alone! This game made its debut at G-Star 2023 during G-CON, and it’s not just for mobile – you can also play it on Nintendo Switch. Plus, with the feature to save your progress across different devices, the fun never stops!

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