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In the enchanting world of Potion Permit, navigating the path to romance with Matheo, the esteemed local Witch Doctor, can be both challenging and rewarding. As players delve into the depths of this captivating game, they will discover the intricacies of building a meaningful connection with Matheo amidst the backdrop of his rich background, quirky personality, and steadfast dedication to his healing traditions.

Who is Matheo? The Character Backstory

Matheo is a key character in the enchanting world of Potion Permit, serving as the local Witch Doctor on the island. As the seventh generation of Moonbury’s esteemed witch doctors, Matheo is deeply entrenched in the sacred medical traditions of his ancestors.

Despite his stern and serious demeanor, Matheo harbors a hidden clumsiness, particularly evident in physical activities. He resides in a quaint yellow house with a dark blue roof, located south of town along a path through a small forest.

Matheo’s dedication to natural healing methods is unwavering, as he adamantly refuses any new medical techniques from the capital, making him somewhat challenging to interact with for the townsfolk. However, beneath his stern exterior lies a compassionate individual who is committed to protecting the well-being of the island’s inhabitants.

Matheo Romance Guide:

Potion Permit Matheo

Potion Permit Matheo

Romancing Matheo in Potion Permit requires building a strong friendship with him before expressing romantic interest. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Initiate Friendship Quests: Begin by completing Friendship Quests to increase your bond with Matheo. These quests become available as you progress and fill up the Friendship bar.
  2. Complete Friendship Quests: Each filled bar of Friendship unlocks a new Friendship Quest. Complete these quests to deepen your connection with Matheo.
  3. Trigger Romance Quest: After completing the third Friendship Quest, “A Mysterious Disease,” you’ll have the opportunity to trigger the Romance Quest by gifting Matheo a Moon Brooch.
  4. Gift Matheo: Once you’ve completed “A Mysterious Disease,” offer Matheo the Moon Brooch. This gesture will initiate a confession cutscene between you and Matheo, where he initially rejects the idea of romance but later realizes his true feelings.
  5. Complete Romance Quest: After the confession cutscene, complete the Romance Quest, “Hidden Feelings,” by watching the subsequent cutscenes with Matheo and Myer, then entering and exiting the Potion House.
  6. Date Matheo: Following the completion of the Romance Quest, you’ll unlock the option to go on dates with Matheo. Interact with him to initiate dates and enjoy romantic moments together.

Matheo FAQ:

  1. Trivia:
    • Matheo is the seventh generation of Moonbury’s witch doctors, inheriting a tradition of natural healing methods.
    • Despite his serious demeanor, Matheo is actually quite clumsy when it comes to physical activities.
    • He lives in a distinctive yellow house with a dark blue roof and a circular tower, located outside of town.
    • Matheo’s favorite gift is the Moon Brooch.
    • He initially rejects romantic advances but eventually admits his feelings after a misunderstanding is cleared up.
  2. FAQ:
    • Q: Where can I find Matheo?
      • A: Matheo resides in his house, which is located south of the Rangers’ house and Ranger Post, along the path through a small forest.
    • Q: How do I trigger the romance with Matheo?
      • A: Complete the Friendship Quests associated with him and gift him a Moon Brooch to trigger the confession cutscene and unlock the option to date him.
    • Q: What is Matheo’s profession?
      • A: Matheo is the local Witch Doctor, serving as the island’s primary source of healthcare before the arrival of the new Chemist.
    • Q: How can I increase Matheo’s friendship level?
      • A: Complete his Friendship Quests, deliver lost items, and engage in meaningful interactions with him to increase your friendship level.
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