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Ready to discover all the secret achievements in Love and Deepspace Guide? Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, these hidden achievements offer exciting rewards and challenges to enhance your gaming experience. Check out the list below to uncover them all:

Love and Deepspace Secret Hidden Achievements Guide List

Known Rewards:

  • A Bad Start: Lose 10 times in combat – Reward: 1 Title and 20 Diamonds
  • Kinda Unlucky: Miss 5 times in a row during a session – Reward: 1 Title and 30 Diamonds
  • Cringe: Take a Snapshot without getting the pose right – Reward: 20 Diamonds
  • Advanced: Perfect Risk: Use the Kitty Pow! card when you don’t have any number cards – Reward: 30 Diamonds

Battle Challenges:

  • Not Giving Up Easily: Experience your first defeat in battle.

Character Interactions:

  • No Overtime Allowed: Strike up a conversation with Zayne 10 times while he’s working in the cafe.
  • Anything Will Do: Decline all food options offered by Zayne in the ‘What to Eat?’ feature.
  • Awake for a Moment: Have a chat with Xavier 10 times while he’s napping in the cafe.
  • Heartbeats Entwined: Listen to a character’s heartbeat three times within a single day before the reset.
  • Shining in Deep Space!: Change a character’s outfit on the main screen 10 times, excluding your own outfit.
  • His Name: Say a character’s name 10 times using the Tete-a-Tete feature (only available on CN servers).
  • Disconnect Your Internet: Engage in a total of 10 conversations with Rafayel while he’s using his phone at the cafe.
  • Not Intentional!: Tap the screen 99 times on the main screen.

Memory Achievements:

  • Destined to Be You: Make 10 wishes on a banner and collect a total of 8 memories featuring the same character.

And many more! Keep exploring Love and Deepspace to unlock all the hidden achievements and uncover exciting rewards. Good luck on your romantic and adventurous journey!

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About the Game Love and Deepspace

Love and Deepspace is a thrilling first-person Otome game that combines lifelike 3D graphics with an engaging dating sim experience. Set in a sci-fi world, players navigate romantic relationships while battling dangerous aliens, creating a unique blend of romance and action. Love and Deepspace can be downloaded on Android and iOS!

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