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Pokemon GO Valentine 2024  – The season of love has arrived, and Pokemon GO is throwing a massive party to celebrate! Get ready to catch adorable Pokémon, unlock sweet bonuses, and maybe even snag a shiny sweetheart (the Pokémon kind, of course ).

Pokemon GO Valentine 2024 Event Dates and Information

  • Dates: February 13th (10:00 AM) to February 15th (8:00 PM local time)
  • Pokémon Parade: Snubbull, Skitty, Luvdisc, Furfrou, Stufful, Quaxly, and Roselia are appearing more often than usual!

Shiny Pokémon are the ultimate catch, and this event boasts the debut of Shiny Oricorio in its various regional forms! Trainers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa can catch the Baile Style, while the Americas see the Pom-Pom Style. The Pa’u Style flits around in Africa, Asia, Pacific & Caribbean islands, and the Sensu Style dances in the Asia-Pacific region. So, wherever you are, a unique Shiny Oricorio awaits!

But that’s not all! Look out for Flabébé blooming in all five flower colors, though White and Orange are especially rare finds. Complete exciting research tasks to encounter Shiny Snubbull, the adorable heart-patterned Spinda, Clamperl, and even Stufful! And for your own Pokémon, give your Furfrou a makeover with the sweet Heart Trim for just 25 Candy and 10,000 Stardust.

Feeling generous? Gift your friends with special Timed Research for just $1, letting them earn Stardust, XP, Incense, and a chance at the heart-patterned Spinda too! Don’t forget to walk with your buddy for boosted Candy XL and evolve any Pokémon for guaranteed Candy XL as well.

So, grab your Poké Balls, trainers, and join the love-filled fun of the Pokemon GO Carnival of Love! Remember to check out the special event raids and shop items for even more surprises!

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