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Exciting news for all Tower of Fantasy fans! Get ready to welcome Yanuo, the newest addition to the Tower of Fantasy universe. Dropping into the game on February 20, Yanuo brings a whole new level of skills and intrigue.

So, who is Yanuo? Well, she’s not your average player. Known as the ‘Perfectionist of District 9’, Yanuo is a stealth expert and a top-notch Executor in the Hykros faction. She’s reliable, efficient, but also a bit arrogant and rebellious.

But here’s the twist: Yanuo is actually working undercover for the Heirs of Aida within Hykros. Yep, she’s a double agent, and things get pretty wild when she flips the script using Brevey to gather insider info about Tower of Fantasy.

Kudos to Hotta Studio for adding this exciting twist to the game’s storyline! And if you’re curious to see Yanuo in action, be sure to check out the trailer where she goes head-to-head with Wicked.

For those who haven’t dived into Tower of Fantasy yet, now’s the perfect time to jump in! This MMORPG, developed by Hotta Studio and Level Infinite, offers a futuristic world on the planet Aida, where players can explore, take on quests solo or with friends, and customize their characters however they like.

One of the best things about Tower of Fantasy is its diverse range of characters and cool fighting moves to try out. And the best part? You can download it right now from the Google Play Store and join in on the adventure!

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