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Curious if the bald hero lives up to his “One Punch” reputation? Look no further! Our Anime Last Stand Saitama guide breaks down everything you need to know about this powerhouse unit so you can decide if he’s the right fit for your elite team. And let’s face it, he probably is!

Saitama in Anime Last Stand

In the realm of Anime Last Stand, Saitama goes by the alias “Baldy (Bored).” You can only acquire this unit through Banner 2, and with its Celestial rarity, be prepared to spend some Gems before adding him to your roster. But trust us, it’s worth it because Saitama is a META unit!

Saitama Stats:

Here’s a quick rundown of Saitama’s stats to help you understand his capabilities and potential upgrades:

  • Rarity: Celestial
  • Element: Nature
  • Type: Ground – Hybrid
  • Placement: 2
  • Deployment Cost: 1000 Yen
  • Attack Type: AoE (Full), AoE (Line)

Saitama Upgrades Cost

  • First Upgrade: 1,920 Yen
  • Second Upgrade: 2,660 Yen
  • Third Upgrade: 3,150 Yen
  • Fourth Upgrade: 4,700 Yen
  • Fifth Upgrade: 5,000 Yen
  • Sixth Upgrade: 18,000 Yen
  • Seventh Upgrade: 16,000 Yen
  • Eighth Upgrade: 20,000 Yen

Saitama’s strength increases significantly with each upgrade, making him a formidable force on the battlefield. From his initial deployment to becoming a Hybrid unit, Saitama’s stats soar, culminating in devastating DPS and AoE capabilities.

Saitama is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in Anime Last Stand. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, adding this powerhouse to your team can turn the tide of battle in your favor. So, what are you waiting for? Let Saitama unleash his full potential and dominate the battlefield like never before!

Anime Last Stand Roblox

Anime Last Stand is a popular tower defense game on Roblox featuring a diverse range of units, all based on beloved anime characters. Collect the strongest units and strategically place them in your defenses to unleash their unique traits and techniques against your foes.

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