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Venture back to prehistoric times and embark on a thrilling adventure with Dinosaur Simulator on Roblox. Dive into a world where dinosaurs roam freely and survival is the name of the game. But before you start your journey, make sure to grab some freebies with our comprehensive list of Dinosaur Simulator codes.

List of Dinosaur Simulator Codes

  • 060398 – Dodo Skin for Avimimus.
  • 060515 – Ornithomimus Dinosaur.
  • 092316 – Electric Pteranodon Skin for Pteranodon.
  • 115454 – Chickenosaurus Skin for Avimimus.
  • AMERICA – American Eagle Skin for Balaur.
  • Burnt Burrito – Obtained Yutashu Skin for Troodon.
  • CAMBRIANEXPLOSION – Obtained Anomalocaris Skin for Onchopristis.
  • drinnk – Obtained Pizza Delivery Skin for Mapusaurus.
  • JELLYDONUT200M – Obtained Jelly Joy Skin for Concavenator.
  • Pokemantrainer – Obtained Wyvern Skin for Hatzegopteryx.
  • ROCKMUNCHER – Obtained Terranotus Skin for Plateosaurus.

How to Redeem Your Codes To redeem your codes and claim your rewards, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the Dinosaur Simulator using the Roblox client.
  2. Before clicking ‘Play’, locate and click on the ‘Promo Codes’ button on the main menu.
  3. Enter a the code.
  4. Click ‘Submit’ to cash in your code and receive your rewards!

Where to Find More Codes

  • Bookmarking this page: We’ll be updating it with new codes as they’re released, so be sure to check back regularly.
  • Following ChickenEngineer on Twitter: The developer frequently shares new codes via their Twitter account, so keep an eye out for updates.

Dinosaur Simulator Roblox

Dinosaur Simulator offers players an immersive experience where you can choose your favorite dinosaur from a diverse lineup and explore a vast open world. With each species boasting its own unique traits, adaptability is key as you strive to survive against the odds. If you’re eager to expand your collection of dinosaurs and skins, look no further than these codes.

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