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Roblox, the popular online gaming platform, continues to captivate players with its diverse range of game genres. One particularly exciting category within the Roblox universe is anime games. These games combine the immersive world of anime with the interactive and customizable features of Roblox, offering players a unique gaming experience.

In this article, we will explore the upcoming Roblox anime games set to release in February 2024. From action-packed adventures to captivating storytelling, these games are sure to delight anime and gaming enthusiasts alike. Let’s dive into the world of Roblox anime and discover the games that await us in February 2024.

Upcoming Roblox Anime Games February 2024

Anime Showdown/Shonen Unleashed

Anime Showdown, a game that follows the Anime Battle Arena (ABA) format, is undergoing a revamp for its upcoming release. The game faced previous criticism for its lack of diverse content, resulting in repetitive gameplay. However, the revamped version aims to address these concerns by introducing more characters and enhancing gameplay variety. Shonen Unleashed, another ABA-type game, catches attention with its meticulous attention to detail. Each move and action in the game is accompanied by character sound effects, immersing players in the anime-inspired world.

Beyond Nan

Inspired by the popular anime series ‘Hunter x Hunter,’ Beyond Nan is an upcoming game that aims to incorporate a range of “nen” abilities into its combat system. While the viability of the game is yet to be determined, fans of the series can look forward to exploring the unique mechanics and gameplay that Beyond Nan promises to offer.

JiuJitsu Kaisen Infinite

Based on the hit anime series ‘Jiu Jitsu Kaisen,’ this game is expected to be the first of its kind on the Roblox platform. While specific details about the combat system are still under wraps, early glimpses suggest that it may incorporate elements reminiscent of ‘Dragon Ball Z’ games. Fans of the series can anticipate an immersive gaming experience within the fantastical world of ‘Jiu Jitsu Kaisen.’

Tales of Tenerio

Originally known as ‘Pokemon Metal Machine,’ Tales of Tenerio had to undergo a revamp due to copyright issues with Nintendo. The new version of the game will feature original Pokemon concepts, a unique storyline, and even its own take on Mega Evolutions. Fans of both Roblox and the Pokemon franchise can look forward to embarking on a fresh anime-inspired adventure.


Berserker, initially highly ranked among upcoming Roblox anime games, faced unexpected delays in its development when the owner’s house was hit by a tornado. Despite the setback, the game remains in active development, promising quality content for players eagerly awaiting its release.

Raw Fires

For fans of 2D fighting games, Raw Fires appears to draw inspiration from popular titles like ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ.’ This game boasts a roster of both anime and non-anime characters to choose from, offering diverse gameplay experiences for players seeking thrilling battles.

Clover RPG

Immerse yourself in a world reminiscent of the ‘Black Clover’ series with Clover RPG. While the game could benefit from incorporating more direct elements from the anime, players can anticipate a rich content rollout upon its release. Prepare to wield magical powers and embark on epic quests in this immersive RPG experience.


Venture sets itself apart from typical Roblox games with its high-quality visuals and immersive atmosphere. This promising RPG may surprise players with its unique gameplay mechanics and captivating environment. While details on combat and progression are still awaited, Venture holds the potential to be a standout anime game on the platform.

Anime Legends

Teased back in 2021, Anime Legends generated significant hype among the Roblox community. However, it remains to be seen whether the game will live up to the expectations and deliver an exceptional anime gaming experience. Fans eagerly await more information on its release.


Fans of the popular ‘Demon Slayer’ series will be delighted to know that a Roblox game based on the anime is in the works. With high-quality visuals, impressive effects, and attention to character designs, Yahiba aims to capture the essence of the beloved series. The main concern lies in whether the game will offer sufficient content upon its release to keep players engaged and satisfied.

Pocket Anime

In Pocket Anime, the traditional Pokemon creatures are replaced with beloved anime characters. This unique twist offers players a diverse gameplay experience, from engaging in battles to trading and beyond. Prepare to collect your favorite anime characters and explore a world where anime meets the Pokemon universe.

Holloway (Holy Way)

Drawing inspiration from ‘Seven Deadly Sins,’ Holloway (Holy Way) is actively being developed by Alfie (Alfie X). The game promises an immersive gameplay experience, although its release date remains uncertain due to continuous additions to its content. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting anime-inspired adventure.

Real Seas

For fans of the ‘One Piece’ series, Real Seas presents a top-tier game experience that distinguishes itself from the typical Roblox simulator style. Boasting an RPG format, this game is expected to offer a rich lineup of content, including a unique combat system.

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