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Apple is gearing up for the launch of the iPhone 16 later this year, with a significant focus on improving the camera. While the iPhone 15 saw some upgrades, the iPhone 16 is expected to take photography to the next level with the introduction of a new capture button. Though details are still limited, leaks of the latest camera components reveal a redesign in the iPhone 16 chassis.

Previously reported, Apple was said to adopt a vertical layout for the camera sensors on the iPhone 16, replacing the diagonal layout on the iPhone 15. The latest camera component leaks, posted by Majin Bu on X, confirm that such changes are indeed in progress. The authenticity of these components has been independently verified by MacRumors, providing evidence that they are indeed from the iPhone 16.

These components have been confirmed as the camera chassis that will house the upgraded sensors in their newest phone. It’s important to note that the leaked camera chassis is part of the base model iPhone 16, not the ‘Pro’ model with dual-camera setups. The leak also confirms Apple’s decision to revert to a vertical camera layout on the standard, replacing the diagonal layout on the iPhone 15.

Previously, Apple used a vertical camera design from the iPhone X to the iPhone 12, but switched to a diagonal layout with the iPhone 13 and iPhone 15, It seems the company is reconsidering the use of a vertical camera layout.

Other Leaks Information Regarding the iPhone 16

Majin Bu previously shared renders and schematics of the iPhone 16 showing a vertical camera layout. MacRumors notes that the camera bump on the standard model is likely to be slightly slimmer than the iPhone 15, providing a more compact design. Apple may be looking for ways to reduce the size of the camera components or introduce a slightly thicker design.

Additionally, the phone is expected to have a larger battery capacity, suggesting a slightly thicker build compared to the iPhone 15. Although the leaked components indicate a vertical camera system, Apple may also introduce Spatial Video Recording on the standard model, a feature previously exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro.

However, it’s worth noting that these are just the initial leaks of the phone and may be part of different prototype design testing phases.

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