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As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, and it’s no different for Bleach: Eternal Soul. But don’t despair just yet! You still have until April 29th to enjoy the game. The official Facebook page has provided more details regarding the closure. But before you stow away your Zanpakutos, let’s delve into the details and some positive news to lift your spirits.

Why Bleach: Eternal Soul Is Closing?

While the exact reason for the closure hasn’t been disclosed by the developers, Efun Games, they cited “adjustments in game development” in their announcement.

Despite its promising premise of reliving iconic Bleach moments with beloved characters, it appears that the game didn’t resonate with enough players, despite the strong backing of the beloved franchise.

If you’re currently immersed in Bleach: Eternal Soul, fear not! You can continue playing until April 29th. However, be aware that new registrations and downloads will cease on April 1st, and in-game purchases will also come to a halt on the same day. Once April 29th rolls around, the game will no longer be accessible.

When is the Closure and Compensation for Players!

Players can utilize any remaining in-game items until the game’s official closure, though this might provide little solace if you’ve invested heavily.

As a token of appreciation to players, the developers are offering a weekly compensation gift until the closure date. This gift includes Soul Jade Summon Tokens, Time Tokens, Omni Shards, Gold, and Soul Jade. So, until then, keep wielding those Zanpakutos, Soul Reapers!

But wait, there’s a twist! Bleach: Immortal Soul, another Bleach game available in select regions, is not facing closure. It’s a distinct game with different developers and operations. So, if you’re currently immersed in Immortal Soul, you can continue your adventure without interruption!

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