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Curious about joining the esteemed Kamado Clan in Project Slayers? Whether you’re drawn to the name or interested in the buffs it offers, our guide has got you covered. Project Slayers is an exciting Roblox game inspired by the popular Demon Slayer series. In this action-packed world, you’ll embark on quests, battle demons, and master powerful techniques. Whether you choose to fight as a Slayer or embrace the darkness as a Demon, there’s plenty of adventure to be had.

Project Slayers Kamado Clan

Joining the Kamado Clan grants you the following stat boosts:

  • +140 Health
  • +125 Stamina
  • +3 Strength
  • +3 Sword
  • +3 Block
  • +3 Weapon

Kamado Abilities:

  • As a member of the Kamado Clan, you’ll unlock special abilities and bonuses tailored to your chosen faction

Bonus for Each Project Slayers Characters

For Slayer Characters:

  • Faster Breathing regeneration.
  • Access to Sun Breathing as a sub-breathing technique.

For Demon Characters:

  • Immunity to sunlight damage effects.
  • Ability to regenerate HP using Stamina.
  • Faster Stamina regeneration.

Shared Abilities:

Regardless of your faction, both Slayers and Demons enjoy these benefits:

  • No slowness debuff when low on health.
  • Indomitable Will: Release an AoE debuff.
  • Ability to see other players’ HP.
  • Faster movement speed.

So, whether you’re seeking the power of the sun or the darkness of the night, the Kamado Clan has something for everyone in Project Slayers. Join the ranks and carve out your own destiny in this thrilling Roblox adventure!

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