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Discover the power of Wind Breathing in Project Slayers with our handy guide! If you’re diving into this Roblox Action RPG inspired by Demon Slayer, you’ll want to know where to find this unique Breathing Style.

Project Slayers offers an expansive world to explore, filled with challenges and opportunities to customize your character. Wind Breathing is a top choice for beginners, and we’ll show you exactly how to get it.

Project Slayers Wind Breathing

To learn Wind Breathing, seek out an NPC named Jinger. You can find him at his house, located north of Kabiwaru Village. Jinger will teach you Wind Breathing for a fee of 5,000 Wen, provided you’ve reached at least level 12. Once you’ve paid Jinger, your training begins with a series of five quests:

  1. Pulling A Boulder: Move a boulder to a designated area.
  2. Target Practice: Click on targets quickly.
  3. Building Your Core: Perform push-ups by pressing a specific key rapidly.
  4. Training Your Upper Body: Similar to the previous quest, but cutting a boulder instead of push-ups.
  5. Battling Sanemi: Take on Wind Trainee Sanemi, a Tier 1 Boss.

Wind Breathing Moveset:

With Wind Breathing mastered, you gain access to powerful moves:

  1. Purifying Wind (Z): Vertical Wind Slash.
  2. Dust Whirlwind Cutter (X): A forward dash dealing damage to anything it touches.
  3. Clean Storm Wind Tree (C): A spin attack dealing damage in a circle around your character.
  4. Black Wind Mountain Mist (V): A wind uppercut dealing damage in front and behind your character.
  5. Cold Mountain Wind (B): Similar to Clean Storm Wind Tree, but performed three times rapidly.
  6. Itaden Typhoon (N): A backwards dash followed by a powerful barrage of wind in front of your character.

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