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If you are looking for a cute and playful way to spruce up the look of your Android device, then you’re in luck! In 2024, the market is flooded with adorable launcher icon packs that can instantly transform the appearance of your smartphone or tablet. With options ranging from whimsical animals to vibrant illustrations and everything in between, these icon packs offer a delightful way to add personality and charm to your device’s home screen. Whether you’re a fan of adorable creatures, colorful designs, or simple yet eye-catching icons, there’s sure to be a cute launcher icon pack that captures your heart and enhances your Android experience.

Cute Launcher Icon Pack for Android 2024

1. Retro Mode – Icon Pack

Retro Mode – Icon Pack (Neon) takes users on a nostalgic journey back to the 90s with its complete pixel art icon pack, featuring over 3900 icons, 12 wallpapers, and 6 widgets. Designed with crisp neon colors and no shadows or outlines, it offers a vibrant and retro aesthetic for Android devices.

Compatible with over 20 launchers, it’s regularly updated with new icons and features. Additionally, the app provides customization options for widgets, including color selection and text configuration, making it a fun and versatile choice for users looking to revamp their device’s appearance.


2. Arcticons Material You Icons

Arcticons Material You Icons offer a sleek line-based design that adapts to your device’s background and system theme. With over 8000 icons created by a global community, it provides a consistent and elegant aesthetic. Users can request new icons within the app or create their own, ensuring a personalized and cohesive icon pack for their Android device.


3. Delta Icon Pack

Delta Icon Pack offers a vast collection of meticulously crafted icons supported by CandyBar Dashboard for over 20 launchers. Praised by tech communities and featured in notable lists, it maintains a balance between familiarity and freshness in its design. With user-submitted screenshots and compatibility with huk KWGT pack widgets, Delta promises a seamless and minimalist icon experience.


4. Zwart – Black Icon Pack

Zwart – Black Icon Pack boasts over 7800 icons, wallpapers, and extensive coverage of more than 34,800 apps. With dynamic calendar icon support, it offers customization for various launchers including Nova, Lawnchair, and OnePlus. While primarily compatible with specific launchers, it may function with others, albeit not guaranteed, with optimal performance observed on Nova, Smart, Evie, or Niagara Launcher.


5. LuX IconPack

LuX IconPack, the free version, offers darker icons with saturated colors that adapt to both light and dark setups. With over 600 unique icons and high-quality wallpapers, it brings a fresh and distinctive look to your device. Each icon is meticulously crafted to provide a unique experience, making every interaction a pleasure. Frequent updates ensure continuous improvements and additions to the already extensive collection, making LuX IconPack a top choice for icon customization.


6. Icon Pack Studio

Icon Pack Studio empowers users to craft personalized icon packs tailored to their home screens. Whether starting from scratch or utilizing community-created designs, the advanced editor offers extensive customization options such as resizing, moving elements, and applying filters. With version 2, users can even import and modify existing icon packs. This versatile tool ensures every app on your device receives a unique icon, surpassing the limitations of pre-made packs from the Play Store.


7. Moxy Icon Pack

Moxy Icon Pack offers a cutting-edge approach to icon design with its unique, shapeless style. Boasting over 5000 handcrafted vector icons, 6000 themed activities, and dynamic calendar icons, it provides extensive customization options. With support for various launchers and features like Muzei Live Wallpaper support and a request tool, Moxy ensures a premium icon experience tailored to users’ preferences.


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