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If you’re currently on the lookout for a game called “Resonance Solstice,” look no further to download the game! Developed as a unique railway adventure RPG, this game seamlessly blends real-time card strategy battles with train simulation and management gameplay. As a train conductor under the “Kolamba Chamber of Commerce,” you’ll wield your influence to reconnect cities and regions, ultimately saving a world in crisis.

“Resonance Soltice” offers a captivating blend of real-time card battles and train management RPG elements. Players assume the role of a conductor under the Kolamba Chamber of Commerce, guiding trains along railway loops between the Ember Cities, delivering goods to different regions. Amidst an unknown world, passengers of diverse affiliations and abilities will journey alongside you, collectively facing the adventures and challenges along the way.

With the appearance of the “Deveo Second,” everything changed, tipping the world into chaos. Factions clashed, and disorder spread through every corner of the cities. Humanity slumbered within resonance, transforming into beings trapped within their own dreams. In this reconstructed world, as a conductor of the Kolamba Chamber of Commerce, you’ll pilot trains connecting the hopeful Ember Cities, venturing toward an uncertain future.

Years ago, when an unknown entity dubbed “Deveo Second” descended upon the skies, overturning all conventional wisdom, humanity rallied together, enduring the toughest of times. Though scars from the past still linger, the world now teems with newfound vitality, urging people to push forward.

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As the conductor of the “Infinite,” your train, you’ll navigate this world in disarray, encountering passengers of various affiliations, personalities, backgrounds, and abilities. Command them in battles against formidable foes or accumulate wealth through cargo and passenger transport between cities, taking your first steps towards commercial magnate status.

Download Resonance Solstice

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