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Are you on a quest to uncover the hidden secrets of Pilgrammed? Unsure of what to do with that Copper Crystal gathering dust in your inventory? Fret not! Our Shock Marauder Pilgrammed guide is here to lend you a helping hand.

Who Exactly is Shock Marauder?

Shock Marauder, clandestine enemy lurking within Pilgrammed, is a formidable secret boss. You can encounter him in the Savannah or Suslands area, nestled within the grassy plains just outside Stonesurgeon.

How Do I Track Down Shock Marauder?

  • Locating Shock Marauder requires summoning him using a special item known as the Copper Crystal.
  • This elusive crystal can be procured from the merchant Verdant in Stonesurgeon for a sum of 300 gold and 10 copper pieces.
  • Once acquired, venture to the outskirts of Stonesurgeon and utilize the Copper Crystal to beckon Shock Marauder.

Be patient, as it may take a moment for him to materialize.

Tips for Conquering Shock Marauder

Upon his summoning, Shock Marauder will unleash a barrage of lightning bolts and gunfire from his pistols. While you can attempt to deflect the pistol shots, it’s often more effective to engage him in melee combat, aided by speed-boosting items.

As his health dwindles to approximately half, brace yourself for his intensified assault marked by a red targeting reticule.

Dodge or parry swiftly to evade this devastating attack, which can inflict significant damage if left unchecked. A successful parry will briefly incapacitate the boss, providing a window of opportunity for retaliation.

Rewards Shock Marauder:

Defeating Shock Marauder yields a bounty of 150 gold. Additionally, you stand a chance of acquiring coveted rewards such as Storm Boots, Shock Bullets, Outlaw Glasses, and Sundowners.

  • Storm Boots – 16.39%
  • Shock Bullets – 16.53%
  • Outlaw Glasses – 49.92%
  • Sundowners – 33.82%

Pilgrammed Roblox Games Information

Pilgrammed, a popular Roblox game, thrusts you into a sprawling medieval world teeming with danger at every turn. With its intricate combat mechanics, diverse arsenal of weapons, myriad enemies, and peculiar NPCs, Pilgrammed promises an immersive gaming experience.

Pilgrammed stands as a premier experience within the Roblox universe, offering players an expansive open-world action RPG replete with a robust combat system. Embark on quests, confront a myriad of adversaries, and challenge a diverse array of bosses scattered throughout this perilous realm. Whether you’re mining ore, navigating treacherous waters, or banding together with fellow players to brave the dangers that lurk, Pilgrammed promises an adventure unlike any other.

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