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In the ever-evolving world of Mobile Legends, each new patch brings forth a flurry of changes to the meta. This time around, Moonton has given a significant buff upon the Fighter hero, Paquito Mobile Legends this patch.

This buff has immediately shine Paquito into the limelight, particularly in the Early Game phase, where his damage output has become downright terrifying, enabling players to dispatch opponents with greater ease.

Paquito Gets A Huge Buff on His Second Skill for Damage in Early Games

The recent update from Moonton has amplified the damage output of Paquito’s skills, particularly his second skill, a pesky crowd control ability that now packs an even more devastating punch, especially when coupled with his Fighter passive.

With his high mobility and formidable crowd-control capabilities, Paquito is poised to become a force to be reckoned with in the days to come.

Paquito Counter Mobile Legends

However, despite these enhancements, Paquito remains susceptible due to his relatively low health pool. Savvy opponents can capitalize on this weakness by orchestrating ganks to shut down the Fighter hero before he spirals out of control.

As the dust settles on this latest patch, players find themselves faced with a dilemma: do they ban Paquito to prevent their enemies from using him, or do they take a calculated risk and incorporate him into their own strategies?

The choice is theirs, but one thing is certain – Paquito’s presence on the battlefield will not go unnoticed and for those looking for the best jungle, might want to use him.

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