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Zhuxin, the mage hero in Mobile Legends, has been teased for quite some time following the release of the hero Chip in the game. Recently, Zhuxin made its debut on the Advance Server of Mobile Legends, introducing a fresh set of skills to the game. With three unique skills, Zhuxin offers a combination of poke and support abilities, delivering high damage to its adversaries.

Zhuxin: The Mage with Poke and CC Abilities

Zhuxin Mobile Legends

Zhuxin’s skill set revolves around debuff effects, making it proficient in eliminating enemies and disrupting their movements.

  1. Fluttering Grace (Skill 1):
    • This skill is utilized to steal movement speed from enemies and apply stacks to inflict CC debuffs.
  2. Lantern Flare (Skill 2):
    • Zhuxin’s second skill can be spammed and applies the Soul Snare effect. Upon accumulating 10 stacks, this skill inflicts a 1-second CC effect and throws enemies to a designated location.
  3. Crimson Beacon (Ultimate):
    • Zhuxin’s ultimate creates a field similar to Odette’s, dealing damage and stacking Soul Snare, which can then be utilized to easily inflict AOE damage to enemies.

Zhuxin Mobile Legends

Additionally, Zhuxin’s passive ability allows for easy mana regeneration, eliminating the need for mandatory poke hero items like the Book to spam skills effectively.

While Zhuxin is categorized as a mage hero, its skill set makes it more suitable for support or roaming roles. With its formidable abilities, Zhuxin has the potential to dominate all fields of Mobile Legends.

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