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Garena has recently leaked details about Isabel, a new character expected to shake up the meta in the upcoming OB44 update of Free Fire with her Skills. Isabel’s game-changing active ability, ‘Electrotherapy,’ has the potential to revolutionize gameplay with its powerful healing and overheal capabilities.

Before diving into the leaks, it’s important to note that all information is sourced from the OB44 Advance Server, and developers may tweak Isabel’s attributes or name before the global release.

Free Fire Isabel Skills

Free Fire Isabel Skills

Active Ability: Electrotherapy

Isabel’s Electrotherapy ability establishes a healing bond between her and a teammate within a 15-meter radius. Both players continuously receive 3 HP per second while within range, significantly boosting survivability during battles. However, if they move beyond the radius, the healing bond breaks automatically.

Isabel’s Overheal Effect

In addition to constant healing, Isabel provides an overheal effect when her teammate’s HP drops below 100. This effect instantly restores 80 extra HP, pushing their total HP beyond the maximum limit. For instance, if a teammate with 90 HP connects with Isabel, their HP jumps to 170 (90 + 80 overheal).

Cooldown and Balance

To prevent abuse, Isabel’s Electrotherapy ability has a cooldown of 60 seconds. This ensures that the skill cannot be spammed continuously. Despite its potency, developers have balanced the ability by requiring proximity between Isabel and her teammate and implementing a substantial cooldown period.

Isabel’s Electrotherapy ability has the potential to shift the meta in Free Fire’s OB44 update, offering unparalleled healing and survivability. While awaiting the official release, players should stay tuned for any further adjustments or tweaks from the developers.

Those interested in the Free Fire OB44 update, can download and check out the game first after its release and announcement in the official site of Garena, check out other Free Fire related news on Roonby.

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