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Netmarble has rolled out a new update for Marvel Future Fight, bringing fresh challenges and content to the popular mobile RPG. This patch puts the spotlight on the villains, introducing a formidable new World Boss and Super Villain, along with new uniforms and character tier upgrades to aid players in their battles.

Prepare yourself to confront the formidable new Super Villain, Black Swan, in Marvel Future Fight’s latest update. Joining the notorious Black Order, Black Swan is the final addition to the menacing Children of Thanos.

Black Swan isn’t an opponent to be taken lightly. She steps into the arena as the new World Boss, challenging players to test their skills. Brace yourself for intense battles against Black Swan, now available at the new Legend+ difficulty level exclusively designed for Tier-4 characters. Defeating her unlocks her Tier-3 state, along with a powerful new Ultimate Skill.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. Players can now earn extra First Clear Rewards on every stage above level five in World Boss: Legend. Additionally, certain World Bosses are now more accessible with reduced unlock requirements, ensuring that all players have the opportunity to showcase their abilities.

To aid players in these epic battles, three new uniforms have been introduced for Thanos, Angel, and Satana. It’s worth noting that Angel and Satana’s uniforms are available for a limited time during the April Fools season, so seize the opportunity to add them to your collection. Furthermore, Angel can now advance to Tier-4 with a new Striker skill, while both Satana and Hellstorm receive powerful new Awakened Skills.

Gear up and dive into the action-packed world of Marvel Future Fight’s latest update as you take on the challenge posed by the formidable Black Swan on Android Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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