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Electronic Arts’ beloved franchise, The Sims, has been a staple in the gaming world since its inception in 2000. Now, the gaming giant is gearing up for its next venture with Project Rene, the highly anticipated addition to The Sims series. Although EA initially announced the game’s development during the Behind The Sims Summit event in October 2022, updates on its progress have been scarce since then.

However, leaks have emerged over the years, offering glimpses into what Project Rene might entail. One significant leak involved a pre-release build of the game, which provided insight into its potential features. A Reddit user and Dataminer obtained an overview of the game map, hinting at possible open-world elements reminiscent of The Sims 3.

Project Rene Alleged Setting and Gameplay

According to the Dataminer, the leaked Playtest build of Project Rene reportedly features a map based on the city of Paris. The user discovered real-life photo references within the game files, suggesting a Parisian backdrop for the game. Screenshots of the map overview showcased various playable areas where Sims could explore and interact.

For those unfamiliar, Project Rene, or Sims 5, is expected to be a multiplayer co-op, free-to-play title available on PC, consoles, and mobile platforms. EA has hinted at significant overhauls to building and pathing mechanics, including features like co-op building and improved maneuvering. However, the inclusion of open-world elements, as indicated by the leaked map, has sparked speculation about the game’s performance across different devices.

The Dataminer offered insights into why Project Rene might feature an open-world environment. They suggested that the game utilizes technologies such as asset streaming and LODs (Level of Detail) to ensure smooth performance, even on mobile devices. Additionally, the leaked build reportedly runs at around 30 FPS on a Galaxy S9 smartphone, indicating promising optimization.

Furthermore, the absence of UI icons for “travel” in the game files suggests that Sims could seamlessly navigate the game world without encountering loading screens for each area. While these details are intriguing, it’s essential to remember that the leaked build is over a year old, and developers may have made significant changes to the current version of Project Rene.

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