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Best Workout Tracker Apps – If you are looking for the best tools to track and optimize your fitness journey, the Android app market offers a plethora of options to suit your needs. In 2024, the landscape of workout tracker apps continues to evolve, with developers integrating advanced features, intuitive interfaces, and personalized insights to help users achieve their fitness goals more effectively.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, a beginner embarking on a wellness journey, or someone simply aiming to stay active, the selection of workout tracker apps available for Android devices caters to every level of fitness enthusiast.

Let’s explore some of the top contenders in the realm of fitness tracking, providing insights into their features, usability, and overall effectiveness in aiding users towards healthier lifestyles.

Best Workout Tracker Apps on Android 2024

1. FitNotes

FitNotes – Gym Workout Log is an ad-free workout tracker app that emphasizes simplicity and a clean design. It allows users to easily log daily workouts, record sets with weight and reps or distance and time, attach comments, and utilize a rest timer.

The app features an extensive exercise database, customizable routines, a calendar view, backup and restore options, and export capabilities in CSV format for analysis.

2. Hevy 

Hevy – Gym Log Workout Tracker is a free app designed to simplify workout tracking and progression. With no ads, it offers intuitive logging of gym workouts, extensive statistics for progress tracking, and a supportive community.

Features include a simple interface for lift tracking, advanced routine planning, exercise library with instructional videos, customizable timers, detailed session analysis, One Rep Max calculation, and the ability to create unlimited routines and share workouts with friends.

3. Gym Workout Tracker

Gym Workout Tracker: Gym Log is an all-in-one fitness app designed to cater to beginners and experienced gym-goers alike. It offers expertly designed routines tailored to specific goals and equipment availability, calculating 1RM and allowing customization of sets and reps.

With intuitive logging, extensive exercise database, HD videos, and detailed instructions, users can track progress effectively and customize workouts without limitations.

4. Strong Workout Tracker Gym Log

Strong Workout Tracker Gym Log is a highly praised fitness app with a simple, intuitive interface, catering to beginners and experienced lifters alike. It offers a comprehensive range of cardio and strength exercises with customizable routines.

Features include detailed exercise instructions, advanced statistics, auto countdown timer, support for multiple exercise types, progress tracking graphs, cloud sync, body measurements tracker, warm-up and plate calculators, notes, and data export capabilities.

5. Google Fit: Activity Tracking

Google Fit: Activity Tracking is a health and fitness app designed to promote a more active lifestyle in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Heart Association (AHA).

It introduces Heart Points, a goal system based on activity intensity, encouraging users to engage in moderate to intense activities for improved heart and mental health. The app tracks workouts from phones or smartwatches, providing real-time stats and insights, and allows users to monitor and adjust their activity goals to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

6. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal: Calorie Counter is a comprehensive health and nutrition app offering food tracking, calorie counting, macro tracking, fitness logging, and personalized meal planning. It functions as a virtual nutrition coach, helping users make informed dietary choices and reach their fitness goals.

With features such as easy food logging, customizable fitness goals, detailed progress tracking, access to registered dietitian meal plans, a library of healthy recipes and workouts, and an active community forum, MyFitnessPal is a top-rated app endorsed by leading publications for its effectiveness in promoting healthy lifestyles.

7. Gym Workout Planner & Tracker

Gym Workout Planner & Tracker, branded as Daily Strength, offers easy weightlifting workout logging and personalized gym workout plans. Users can create custom routines or choose from preset plans like Stronglifts or Starting Strength. The app visualizes progress with one-rep max charts for compound exercises like bench press and squat, aiding in strength gains through consistent tracking and analysis.


JEFIT Gym Workout Plan Tracker is a top-rated app tailored for gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts, offering over 1400 exercises and a vast library of workout routines crafted by personal trainers. Users can easily plan and track their training progress, staying motivated with monthly and quarterly challenges.

With a supportive community of over 12 million users, JEFIT ensures individuals never feel alone on their fitness journey, providing a platform to share progress, seek advice, and connect with like-minded individuals.

9. Home Workout – No Equipment

Home Workout – No Equipment is a convenient fitness app offering daily routines targeting major muscle groups. Designed by experts, the workouts require no equipment, allowing users to exercise from home.

With warm-up and stretching routines for scientific exercise, animations, and video guidance, users can ensure proper form. Consistent use promises noticeable results in just a few weeks, making it an ideal choice for home fitness enthusiasts.

10. Alpha Progression Gym Tracker

Alpha Progression Gym Tracker is the ultimate fitness app offering personalized workout plans tailored to individual goals and needs, backed by scientific principles. With an extensive exercise database, expert recommendations, and customizable training frequency, users can optimize muscle building journeys.

The app’s advanced algorithm analyzes past performances to provide progression recommendations, while features like rep counting, progress tracking, and milestone celebrations ensure motivation and success in reaching weightlifting goals.

11. Fitbod Workout & Fitness Plans

Fitbod Workout & Fitness Plans is a personalized fitness app utilizing AI to craft customized weightlifting routines based on individual fitness levels, goals, and available equipment. With an AI-generated workout planner, optimized resistance training plans, and automatic strength training optimization, users can maximize gains and progress effectively.

The app offers a variety of workout modifiers, non-linear periodization, and access to pro fitness trainers, ensuring tailored workouts to push users’ limits and achieve lasting results.

12. Workout Planner Muscle Booster

Workout Planner Muscle Booster offers personalized workout plans tailored for men, focusing on weight loss and muscle building. Users select their main goal, target areas, fitness level, and preferred workout type (gym or home). The app generates custom routines incorporating gym workouts, bodyweight exercises, calisthenics, HIIT, and more, ensuring comprehensive training for optimal results in strength and fitness.

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