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Square Enix has announced that Nier Reincarnation will be bidding farewell on April 29th, marking the end of its journey. As a tribute to the loyal players, the game has released its final chapter, Act III: Transmigration, available now for all players.

Act III: Transmigration concludes The People and the World story arc, serving as the game’s epic finale. With the official shutdown approaching, let’s quickly recap what players can expect in the final days.

Here’s what’s on offer: all beloved 5-star characters, including crossovers, receive a special Karma gift. Additionally, players have a chance to summon 4-star characters with a boosted appearance rate of 10%, ensuring at least one guaranteed summon.

A special campaign is also underway, enhancing the Attack and HP of New Festive Characters and Abstract Savior for the Recollections of Dusk and Story Quests. As parting gift, players will be able to get 50 Summon ticket for free, and claim 300 karma stones by simply logging in the game.

One of the highlights of Nier Reincarnation has been its captivating artwork and compelling storyline. While many players hoped for offline access to the story after the shutdown, it appears that aside from archived YouTube videos, the game’s narrative will be inaccessible elsewhere.

For those interested in exploring the final chapter, Act III: Transmigration, visit the official website for more details. Don’t forget to download and experience Nier Reincarnation before April 29th from the Google Play Store.

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