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The battle pass system in Warzone Mobile operates uniquely compared to other mobile games, offering players both paid and free options to access exclusive content. While purchasing the battle pass directly is an option, dedicated players can grind their way to unlocking it for free over multiple seasons. Let’s delve into how this system works within the game.

How to Unlock Battle Pass for Free in Warzone Mobile

The key to unlocking the battle pass for free lies in the free Call of Duty Points (CP) rewarded through premium battle pass tiers. At specific tiers in each season (tiers 56, 66, and 96), players receive a total of 300 free CP. By saving up these CP over four seasons, players can accumulate the required 1,100 CP to purchase the base version of the next battle pass without spending any real money.

However, it’s essential to understand that each Warzone Mobile battle pass season spans nearly two months. Therefore, it will take approximately 7-8 months of continuous grinding across four seasons to amass enough free CP to claim a battle pass, similar to the Overwatch battle pass that lets you get free Battle pass by finishing their mission.

Battle Pass Options in Warzone Mobile

Once you’ve accumulated enough CP, you have several options for accessing the battle pass:

  1. Base Battle Pass (1,100 CP or ~$10): Includes 100 rewards with 1400 CP through progression, that helps you gets it for free as long as you finish the mission overall.
  2. Battle Pass Bundle (2,400 CP or ~$20): Includes base pass rewards along with additional 20 tier skips.
  3. Black Cell Pass (Around $30, purchased with real money): Offers all base pass and bundle rewards, along with 18 unique Black Cell rewards, including exclusive operator skins and weapon blueprints with tracers and kill effects. This pass is considered the best value for players who appreciate the black and gold aesthetic.

The premium Black Cell pass, priced at around $30 USD, provides exceptional value with its exclusive content, including operator skins, weapon blueprints, and additional CP. Many players consider it superior value compared to purchasing separate bundles throughout the season.

As players weigh their options, it’s essential to consider factors like improved graphics and game performance to ensure optimal enjoyment of the rewards offered by the battle pass. With this guide, players can navigate the Warzone Mobile battle pass system more effectively, whether opting for the free CP grind or investing in premium passes for exclusive content.

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