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Recently, there’s been buzz about the Pandora Box item in Mobile Legends, but it turns out it won’t be released. Instead, a new item called Wishing Lantern will do something similar.

For those unfamiliar, Pandora Box was set to be a powerful item dealing true damage to enemies, especially when a hero inflicts 500 Magic Damage, making it quite OP.

However, deemed too powerful, Moonton decided to revamp the item, toning down its damage compared to what Pandora Box promised. Here’s what you need to know.

Introducing Wishing Lantern: The New Item in Mobile Legends to Replace Pandora Box

Wishing Lantern Mobile Legends

Wishing Lantern Mobile Legends

In the upcoming Mobile Legends update, heroes will get their hands on a new item called Wishing Lantern. This new addition to the game brings an interesting ability to deal magic damage once the user inflicts 500 Magic Damage.

Wishing Lantern will be particularly useful for those with high poke damage, such as Novaria and Cecilion, who can attack from a distance. However, it’s still uncertain whether this item will actually be released in the future as it’s currently only available in the Mobile Legends Advance Server.

What do you think? Will Mobile Legends release this item that’s been hyped up as Overpowered? Stay tuned for updates.

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