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In a world where time is a precious commodity and the ever-growing pile of books on our reading list seems daunting, Blinkist emerges as a beacon of hope for the busy reader and here’s our review.

Offering a curated selection of non-fiction book summaries delivered straight to your device, Blinkist promises to distill the essence of entire volumes into bite-sized insights, perfect for consumption during a morning commute or a quick coffee break. But with convenience often comes questions of depth and substance.

Is Blinkist merely scratching the surface of profound ideas, or does it provide a valuable shortcut to knowledge acquisition? In this review, we delve into the pros and cons of Blinkist, exploring whether this subscription service is truly worth the investment for avid readers and knowledge seekers alike.

What is Blinkist?

Blinkist is a subscription-based service that aims to make reading more accessible and time-efficient by providing condensed summaries of non-fiction books.

With a vast library covering various genres such as self-help, business, psychology, and more, Blinkist offers subscribers the opportunity to consume key insights from popular titles in just a few minutes.

Each summary, referred to as a “blink,” is meticulously crafted to capture the main ideas, arguments, and actionable takeaways of the original book, allowing users to grasp the essence of a work without having to invest the time required to read the entire volume.

Moreover, Blinkist offers multiple formats for consuming content, including text and audio versions, catering to different learning preferences and lifestyles. By distilling complex concepts into digestible snippets, Blinkist aims to empower individuals to learn continuously, stay informed, and broaden their knowledge horizon, all within the constraints of their busy schedules.

Pros and Cons Blinkist Summarize Review – Is It Worth It?


  1. Provides short summaries of books, making it convenient for quick reading during idle moments.
  2. Extensive collection of book summaries.
  3. Offers both text and audio versions of summaries.
  4. Well-designed app with calming UI colors.
  5. Useful for getting an overview of a book before deciding to read it fully.
  6. Helps users save time by providing knowledge from various books in a short amount of time.
  7. Can be beneficial for individuals with ADHD or those who prefer concise summaries.
  8. Thoughtfully curated book lists.


  1. Some users find the subscription price not justified for just summaries of books.
  2. Transition between pages and audio playback interruptions reported.
  3. Some users feel that the summaries lack actionable takeaways and essential details from the original books.
  4. App usability issues such as difficulty in stopping reading a blink, lack of note-taking functionality, and inaccurate progress tracking.
  5. Syncing issues across devices reported.
  6. Changes in the app’s interface, especially emphasizing audio content, received mixed reviews.
  7. Auto-play feature not well-implemented, leading to frustration among users.
  8. Some users encounter technical issues like crashes, battery drain, and difficulty in canceling subscriptions or accessing content.
  9. AI-powered voice narration received mixed feedback, with some preferring human narrators.
  10. Limited functionality for managing playlists and queues.
  11. Lack of clarity in subscription charges and refund policies led to dissatisfaction among users.
  12. Issues with offline reading and Kindle integration reported.

Is Blinkist Worth The Money?

Determining whether Blinkist is worth it depends on individual preferences and needs. For those seeking a convenient way to access key insights from a wide range of non-fiction books without investing the time to read each one in its entirety, Blinkist can be a valuable tool. The app’s concise summaries provide a quick overview of important ideas, allowing users to stay informed and gain knowledge efficiently.

However, some may find the summaries too brief or prefer to engage more deeply with the original texts. Additionally, the subscription cost may not be justifiable for everyone, especially if they already have access to a library of books or prefer other methods of learning. Ultimately, whether Blinkist is worth it depends on how much value individuals place on its unique offering of condensed book summaries and how well it aligns with their learning preferences and lifestyle.

Anyway download Blinkist on Android Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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