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Get ready to travel back in time as Acram Digital unveils their latest release, Stone Age: Digital Edition, based on the beloved classic board game. Available now on iOS, with plans for Android and Nintendo Switch releases in the pipeline, this mobile-optimized adaptation promises regular updates and online seasons, offering cross-platform gameplay with friends.

In Stone Age: Digital Edition, players assume the role of prehistoric humans, tasked with gathering resources, constructing buildings, and advancing tribal culture. Starting with primitive tools, players progress by utilizing wood, stone, and gold in a harsh and unforgiving environment where strategic use of limited board spaces is essential.

Experience the daily lives of our ancestors, from quarrying stones to panning for gold in rivers, as you embark on the challenging journey of building civilization from scratch. Luck plays its part, but so does strategic decision-making in this immersive board game.

Featuring straightforward rules, each turn in Stone Age: Digital Edition is divided into three phases. Allocate your workers to gather resources, utilize the collected materials to craft tools and buildings upon their return, and ensure your tribe is fed to conclude the turn.

To emerge victorious, players must balance resource management, strategic planning, and cultural advancement. Expand your village, construct new buildings, and develop tribal culture while ensuring a sustainable food supply – all within the constraints of the game board’s fixed spaces.

Embark on your prehistoric adventure today by downloading Stone Age: Digital Edition on Android Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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