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Aventurine, the highly anticipated 5-star Preservation character, is about to make his debut in the second half of the Honkai Star Rail patch 2.1. With unique synergies and remarkable sustain abilities, many players are eager to recruit him into their teams. But is Aventurine the right choice for you? Let’s dive into a comprehensive analysis of his strengths, weaknesses, and how he compares to other 5-star sustain characters.

Aventurine Honkai Star Rail Guide, Pros – Cons and More!

Aventurine’s Pros:

  • Excellent synergy with follow-up teams
  • Unrivaled shielding capabilities, making your team nearly invincible
  • Provides Effect RES buff for allies, enabling powerful artifact effects
  • Immune to debuffs, ensuring stability in battles
  • Offers solid self-buffs and Crit Damage buff for all allies
  • Possesses a captivating character design

Aventurine’s Cons:

  • Can be SP hungry in certain scenarios
  • Crit Damage buff less effective in damage over time (DoT) teams
  • Lacks guaranteed cleanse or debuff protection for allies

Aventurine vs Other 5-star Sustains:

  • Aventurine vs Gepard: Aventurine surpasses Gepard in raw sustain capabilities due to his versatile shielding ability.
  • Aventurine vs Fu Xuan: A tough comparison, as Fu Xuan excels in damage mitigation, but Aventurine offers more versatile support.
  • Aventurine vs Luocha, Huohuo, Bailu: While lacking a cleanse, Aventurine’s Effect RES buff compensates in various scenarios, especially against debuffs.

Do You Need Aventurine’s Light Cone?

  • No, as there are excellent free-to-play options available, such as Landau’s Choice and Moment of Victory, along with the upcoming free light cone in 2.1.

Should You Get Aventurine for Follow-Up Teams?

  • Aventurine can significantly enhance follow-up teams, particularly in compositions with Dr. Ratio and Topaz. His unique buffs and debuffs complement their playstyles.

Aventurine emerges as a top-tier sustain option suitable for various team compositions. Players lacking 5-star sustain characters will find him particularly appealing for his unparalleled shielding and support capabilities.

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