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Looking to boost your stats in Anime Rarities? Delving into the game’s crafting mechanics is the way to go. Crafting allows you to forge various equipment pieces that can significantly enhance your abilities, provided you have the necessary ingredients. Our Anime Rarities crafting guide is here to walk you through the process.

Anime Rarities Crafting Guide – How To Craft

Head to the Crafting zone located in the town area. You’ll spot a circle marked ‘Crafting’ straight ahead from Spawn. Crafting enables you to utilize unwanted Avatars to craft equipment that boosts your stats, but you’ll need specific Avatars to do so.

Once you have the required items, simply hit the green ‘Craft’ button, and the item will be added to your inventory. From there, equip it, and you’re good to go. You can equip gloves on each hand, a head accessory, and a tail.

Crafting Recipes While you can view all the recipes in the crafting window, we’ve listed the components for each recipe below for quick reference!

  1. Lucky Glove – +25% Luck
    • 2 Lucky Potion I
    • 200 Coins
  2. Super Lucky Glove – +50% Luck
    • 3 Lucky Potion I
    • Lucky Glove
    • One Sword Style Avatar
  3. Lucky Glasses – +75% Luck
    • 5 Lucky Potion I
    • 20 Lucky Glove
    • 10 Super Lucky Glove
  4. Slime Wings – +10 Jump
    • Power Gon Avatar
  5. Demon Wings – +25 Jump
    • Slime Wings
    • Gear 2nd Avatar
  6. Dark Slime Wings – +35 Jump
    • 3 Slime Wings
    • 2 Demon Wings
    • SNAKEMAN Avatar
  7. Blue Glove – +1 Damage
    • 25000 Coins
  8. Purple Glove – +2 Damage
    • 50000 Coins
    • Blue Glove
  9. Red Glove – +3 Damage
    • 250000 Coins
    • Purple Glove

With these crafting recipes, you’ll be able to craft equipment that suits your playstyle and boosts your stats effectively in Anime Rarities.

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