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The ongoing debate between Nintendo and emulator developers continues, with the Discord servers of two Nintendo Switch emulator forks, Suyu and Sudachi, recently taken down following a court order.

Reported by The Verge, this move came after Discord informed the developers of alleged intellectual property violations in the content they shared. Kellyn Slone, Discord’s Director of Product Communications, also confirmed that the server takedowns and developer account deactivations were the result of a court order.

Discord, as a platform, has stated its compliance with applicable copyright laws and valid court orders. Although the Nintendo Switch emulator codes of Suyu and Sudachi themselves weren’t hosted on Discord, it’s likely that content such as production keys, firmware, and complete games were shared through those servers, justifying Discord’s actions.

However, the full details have yet to be clearly disclosed. Sudachi developer Jarrod Norwell confirmed that initial communication with Discord only addressed general violations of Discord’s Terms of Service without further specifics.

With the ongoing struggles of Suyu and Sudachi, Discord may have opted to avoid direct confrontation with Nintendo by taking down their servers. In this context, the Nintendo Switch emulator Ryujinx emerges as a safe alternative, with its development ongoing and Discord server remaining active. Ryujinx becomes an appealing option for users seeking a stable and reliable Nintendo Switch emulator solution.

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