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Since their introduction by Moonton, the KOF skins in Mobile Legends have been highly coveted by players especially for the Masha Mai Shiranui Skin. KOF, short for King of Fighters, comes as an exclusive skin set that captures the hearts of players.

For loyal Mobile Legends fans, collecting hero skins is a major attraction in the game. The KOF skins are among the most sought-after due to their uniqueness. However, acquiring KOF skins is not easy as they can only be obtained through specific events since it is a limited skin.

How Much Diamond Do You Need to Buy KOF Skin Mai Shiranui in Mobile Legends?

These KOF skins come at a relatively high price compared to other skins. To purchase a KOF skin, you’ll need around 1,200 diamonds. With this price tag, players can acquire a series of skins featuring favorite heroes like Mai Shiranui, Kyo, and of course, Terry Bogard.

But for those seeking more affordable ways to get KOF skins, there are several strategies to consider. One option is to try the KOF Mobile Legends skin gacha. By following certain tips, players can efficiently obtain KOF skins.

Additionally, players can complete in-game missions. There are 7 missions to be completed to obtain a total of 17 KOF stamps, which can be exchanged for KOF skins. While it requires effort and time, with the right strategy, players can get KOF skins at a more affordable price.

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