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If you are looking for a way to counter one of the most formidable opponents in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s top lane, look no further than Dyrroth, the Prince of the Abyss. With his imposing presence and relentless assault, Dyrroth poses a significant challenge to even the most seasoned players.

Yet, every Enemies has their counter, and Dyrroth is no exception. In this guide, we’ll equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to turn the tide against this fearsome warrior. Whether you’re seeking to outmaneuver him with cunning tactics or exploit his vulnerabilities with the perfect hero pick, we’ll explore every avenue to ensure your victory in the top lane. So, ready your skills and sharpen your wits as we embark on the journey to mastering the art of countering Dyrroth in Mobile Legends.

How to Counter Dyrroth – 5 Heroes Counter in EXP Lane


When facing off against Dyrroth in the EXP lane of Mobile Legends, several heroes stand out as formidable adversaries capable of turning the tide of battle in your favor. Here are some of the best heroes to consider when seeking to defeat Dyrroth:

  1. Yu Zhong: The Black Dragon is a potent choice against Dyrroth due to his sustain, crowd control, and burst damage. With his ability to absorb damage in his Dragon form and dish out punishment with his skills, Yu Zhong can outlast and outmaneuver Dyrroth in lane.
  2. Badang: Armed with his powerful crowd control abilities and burst damage, Badang can effectively trade blows with Dyrroth in the early game. His ultimate, Fist Crack, can disrupt Dyrroth’s movements and turn the tide of battle in an instant.
  3. Guinevere: The Violet Dancer excels at harassing opponents and bursting them down with her combo of skills. With her mobility and crowd control, Guinevere can keep Dyrroth at bay while whittling down his health with her relentless assaults.
  4. Ruby: The Little Red Hood’s agility and crowd control make her a formidable foe for Dyrroth. With her ability to sustain herself in prolonged engagements and disrupt Dyrroth’s movements with her skills, Ruby can turn the tables on him with her tenacity and resilience.
  5. Jawhead: With his early-game power spike and ability to control the battlefield with his throws, Jawhead can assert dominance over Dyrroth in the lane. By zoning him out and denying him farm, Jawhead can set the stage for a successful laning phase.

Each of these heroes brings unique strengths and playstyles to the table, offering you a variety of options to counter Dyrroth’s aggression and secure victory in the EXP lane of Mobile Legends. Experiment with different heroes, master their mechanics, and adapt your strategy to best exploit Dyrroth’s weaknesses. With perseverance and skill, you can emerge triumphant against even the fiercest of foes.

How to Counter Dyrroth Mobile Legends Gameplay Wise:

Counter Dyrroth Mobile Legends

Counter Dyrroth Mobile Legends

Countering Dyrroth in Mobile Legends requires a combination of strategic play, hero selection, and understanding of his strengths and weaknesses. Here are some playwise tactics to effectively counter Dyrroth:

  1. Avoid Head-on Engagements: Dyrroth excels in direct confrontations due to his sustain and damage output. Instead of engaging him in prolonged fights, focus on poking him from a distance or waiting for opportune moments to strike.
  2. Manage Minion Waves: Manipulate minion waves to your advantage by freezing them near your turret. This denies Dyrroth the opportunity to engage aggressively and opens him up to ganks from your teammates.
  3. Coordinate with Your Team: Communicate with your team to coordinate ganks and rotations to the EXP lane. Dyrroth can be vulnerable to early-game pressure, especially if he overextends without vision or map awareness.
  4. Exploit His Cooldowns: Dyrroth’s abilities have cooldowns, especially his ultimate. Time your engagements to exploit these windows of opportunity when his key abilities are on cooldown, allowing you to trade favorably or even secure kills.
  5. Build Defensive Items: Consider building items that provide defensive stats such as armor or magic resistance to mitigate Dyrroth’s damage. Items like Blade Armor, Athena’s Shield, or Antique Cuirass can increase your survivability against his assaults.
  6. Kite and Poke: If playing a ranged hero, utilize your superior range to kite Dyrroth and chip away at his health from a safe distance. Maintain proper positioning to avoid getting caught out by his engage.
  7. Bait and Punish: Dyrroth players may become overconfident and aggressive when they perceive an advantage. Use this to your advantage by baiting him into unfavorable trades or positions, then punishing him with a coordinated counterattack.
  8. Exploit Power Spikes: Some heroes have power spikes at certain levels or item breakpoints. Capitalize on these spikes to assert dominance in the lane and pressure Dyrroth into a defensive stance.
  9. Adapt Your Playstyle: Every matchup is unique, so be prepared to adapt your playstyle based on the circumstances of the game. Pay attention to Dyrroth’s build, playstyle, and tendencies, and adjust your approach accordingly.

By incorporating these playwise tactics into your gameplay, you can effectively counter Dyrroth and tilt the odds of victory in your favor in the EXP lane of Mobile Legends. Remember to stay patient, communicate with your team, and capitalize on opportunities as they arise to secure victory against this formidable foe.

What Not to Do When Laning with Dyrroth Mobile Legends

Counter Dyrroth Mobile Legends

Counter Dyrroth Mobile Legends

When laning against Dyrroth in Mobile Legends, it’s crucial to avoid certain mistakes that could put you at a disadvantage. Here’s what not to do when facing off against Dyrroth in the EXP lane:

  1. Don’t Engage in Prolonged Trades: Dyrroth excels in sustained fights due to his high damage output and sustain. Avoid engaging in extended trades with him, especially when his abilities are off cooldown.
  2. Avoid Fighting in Enemy Minion Waves: Dyrroth’s passive grants him significant lifesteal when attacking enemies, especially minions. Fighting him within his minion wave will only bolster his sustain and make it harder for you to win trades.
  3. Don’t Underestimate His Damage: Dyrroth can deal significant burst damage, especially with his ultimate ability. Underestimating his damage potential can lead to unexpected deaths and setbacks in the lane.
  4. Don’t Overextend Without Vision: Pushing too far without proper vision leaves you vulnerable to ganks from the enemy team. Dyrroth can capitalize on your overextension by engaging with his teammates, leading to unfavorable skirmishes or deaths.
  5. Avoid Engaging When Behind in Gold or Levels: Falling behind in gold or experience can make it difficult to trade effectively with Dyrroth. Avoid engaging him when you’re at a disadvantage, as he can easily capitalize on your weakened state.
  6. Don’t Ignore Map Awareness: Keep an eye on the minimap and be aware of enemy rotations. Ignoring map awareness leaves you susceptible to surprise ganks from the enemy team, potentially resulting in Dyrroth gaining an advantage in the lane.
  7. Don’t Neglect Farming: While focusing on trading and skirmishing with Dyrroth, don’t neglect farming minions. Falling behind in farm can hinder your item progression and overall effectiveness in the game.
  8. Avoid Predictable Movement Patterns: Dyrroth players may attempt to predict your movement patterns to land their skill shots more easily. Avoid moving predictably and try to juke their abilities to minimize damage taken.
  9. Don’t Solo Fight Without Backup: Engaging Dyrroth in a 1v1 situation, especially when you’re unsure of the outcome, can be risky. Always call for assistance from your teammates or the jungle when planning to engage him.

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