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You should know that besides Moskov, there are three other marksman heroes in MLBB Mobile Legends who also have really strong abilities.

Marksmen heroes are the most favoured role among Mobile Legends players, thanks to their unique abilities and team-carrying potential.

Regarding this, Moskov is currently the most popular marksman and is in high demand among players in ranked matches.

However, three other marksman heroes are also really strong, besides Moskov. So, Who are they?

Mobile Legends 3 Other Marksman Aside From Moskov with Strong Abilities

1. Natan

First up is Natan, who definitely makes the list because of his incredible abilities.

Moreover, Natan isn’t afraid to take on anyone because of his deadly skill combos, which can easily eliminate enemy heroes in the blink of an eye.

2. Karrie

Next, we have Karrie, the tank destroyer marksman hero who is still worth picking because of her strong abilities.

Moreover, Karrie is easy to play and has good defence, making her a great choice for ranked matches.

Furthermore, Karrie’s gameplay is also perfect for aggressive players.

3. Claude

Since receiving a buff some time ago, Claude’s name is still prominent in the Mobile Legends game meta.

He is still worth picking in ranked matches because he still has powerful abilities that are hard to counter, and his agile mobility makes it difficult for opponents to catch him.

Additionally, Claude’s laning phase is incredibly strong, allowing him to easily win against anyone.

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