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If you’ve been out of the loop with Mobile Legends, you might not know that Moonton recently gave Phoevus a revamp. This fighter hero, who used to be kind of situation-specific, now got a revamp to make him more versatile. But, here’s the thing – some players on reddit aren’t too thrilled about its design.

Mobile Legends Players Are Complaining the Revamp is Too Modern

Comments with the most upvotes on a Reddit post say the new version feels too modern. They preferred the old version, which had more of an ancient fighter vibe. One comment even said he looks more like a twink than a daddy in the latest Phoevus revamp.

But design aside, this hero brings some serious skills to the table that can be handy in any situation, not just as a counter pick. He can mark enemies to CC them when he uses his skills. After applying CC, he can then use his ultimate to attack. Enemy movement speed triggers the mark, but players have to manually apply CC to Phoevus.

Though it seems more like a nerf than a buff, Phoevus might shine as an EXP laner with his annoying CC abilities. For those interested, you can download Phoevus right now on the Advance server Mobile Legends.

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