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Netmarble, a renowned developer and publisher of top-tier mobile games, has rolled out a major update for Seven Knights Idle Adventure, bringing fresh content for players to enjoy.

This update introduces two new Legendary heroes: Platin and Yu Shin. Platin, a melee fighter from the Dark Knights, specializes in dealing heavy damage to single targets, with skills that amplify damage based on the target’s Max HP. Yu Shin, also a melee hero, inflicts area damage and applies debuffs like Curse to disable HP recovery and Paralysis. His Critical Hit attacks boost ally Accuracy and increase damage against cursed enemies.

In addition to the new heroes, players can participate in several limited-time events:

  • Hero Rate Up Summon Event: Increased summon rates for Platin (June 13 – June 26), Yu Shin (June 20 – July 3), and the Four Lords (June 13 – June 26).
  • Endless Castle Wall Carnival: Running from June 13 to June 26, players can obtain Feng Yan, Soi, and Soi’s portrait.


The update also expands the game with stages 16,801 – 17,600 and introduces the Stage Boost feature, allowing new players to progress quickly and earn rewards. Furthermore, players can now collect Artifacts dropped in Nightmare stages.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure, built as an idle RPG, continues the legacy of the original Seven Knights franchise. Designed for low-capacity and low-spec devices, the game offers easy gameplay while expanding on the storyline of the beloved heroes. Players will enjoy a reimagined experience with cute SD versions of their favorite characters, discovering new episodes and enhancing their heroes.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure
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