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YouTube has announced upcoming test features that will soon roll out to selected channels. These experimental updates include AI-generated live chat summaries, integration of Google Lens into the search bar for Android users, QR codes for channel sharing, and new Effects for YouTube Shorts.

The AI live chat summaries are designed to streamline live streaming experiences, initially supporting English-language live chats on channels with highly active audiences. Eligible channels will display a special banner enabling creators to summarize ongoing discussions within the chat.

Additionally, YouTube is integrating Google Lens into its search functionality for Android users, enhancing search capabilities directly from the search bar. A small group of Android users will soon see a Lens button, enabling quick content searches on YouTube, the world’s second most visited website.

For channel promotion, YouTube is introducing QR codes that creators can generate from their profiles. This feature aims to facilitate easier sharing of channels across platforms, providing a straightforward method for users to discover and subscribe to their favorite content creators.

In the realm of short-format videos, YouTube Shorts will soon introduce a new Effects button, featuring user-generated effects to enhance video creativity and engagement. YouTube plans to expand the availability of Shorts Effects to more users throughout the year, enhancing the creative possibilities for short video content creators.

Still in Testing for Limited Youtube Users

It’s important to note that these features are currently in testing and will initially be available to a limited group of users enrolled in YouTube’s experiments program. The availability of these features to the broader public will depend on the success and feedback received during the testing phase. Stay tuned for further updates as YouTube continues to innovate and enhance the platform’s functionality for creators and viewers alike.

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