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Lilith Games, known for AFK Arena, has unveiled their latest project, Project Party. This new game blends life simulation and game editing, offering players the chance to create and share content.

From the trailer, it starts with typical life sim gameplay similar to games like Play Together, but then shifts dramatically into a scenario involving zombie apocalypse and horror elements.

Lilith Games seems eager to showcase Project Party’s unique blend of traditional gameplay akin to Animal Crossing, alongside diverse experiences that span various genres.

While reminiscent of Play Together in some aspects, Lilith Games’ strong reputation in game development makes us curious about how players will respond to the promised user-generated content and robust game editing tools.

The success of Project Party may hinge on the accessibility and ease-of-use of these tools. If the trailer’s promises hold true, allowing players to switch seamlessly from house-building to socializing and intense genres like horror and zombie shooters, Project Party could capture widespread interest.

Project Party

As of now, a specific release date and supported devices beyond PC and mobile have not been confirmed. Android and iPhone users should stay tuned for updates on Roonby, and check out our other Party Games!

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