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Moonton has recently unveiled a major update for the upcoming season of Mobile Legends, and it’s set to shake things up by removing mana costs for Physical heroes in the game.

In their latest update announcement, Moonton highlighted a significant discovery regarding the use of mana by Physical heroes. Traditionally, these heroes have been using mana as their resource, which has raised questions about their energy dynamics.

This revelation has prompted Moonton to re-evaluate the gameplay balance, particularly for fighters and marksmen who rely heavily on Physical damage. As a result, several heroes in these categories have already seen mana usage phased out in previous updates.

Upcoming Mobile Legends Update, No More Mana for Physical Heroes

Looking ahead, Moonton plans to extend this change to other heroes throughout the game, including older characters. Heroes such as Saber and Claude, known for their prowess in dealing Physical damage, will no longer be restricted by mana costs.

With this upcoming update, players will shift their focus from managing mana to strategically timing their skill cooldowns. This adjustment is expected to encourage a more aggressive and skill-based approach to gameplay, particularly for heroes who can now unleash their abilities more freely.

The implications of these changes are significant. Heroes who rely on rapid rotations and quick engagements, such as junglers, stand to benefit greatly. This shift may also lead to increased viability and effectiveness for heroes like Granger, whose previous mana limitations could now be a thing of the past.

As the Mobile Legends community anticipates these updates, discussions are brewing about the potential for certain heroes to become overwhelmingly powerful in specific game scenarios. The balance between hero strengths and strategic depth will undoubtedly be a focal point as players adapt to these gameplay adjustments.

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