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Here’s the article if you are looking for Honor of Kings HOK Codes – June 2024! Looking to enhance your experience in Honor of Kings without spending a dime? Redeem codes might just be the answer. While they won’t guarantee victory in every match, they can certainly edge you closer to valuable upgrades and cool skins.

What are Honor of Kings Redeem Codes?

Honor of Kings, originally known as Arena of Valor in the West, offers redeem codes as special keys that grant free in-game rewards. These rewards range from premium tokens to hero fragments and even rare skin chests. While new codes aren’t frequent, they do drop occasionally on the game’s social media channels, especially during special events like launch weeks.

How to Redeem Honor of Kings Codes

Redeeming codes in Honor of Kings is straightforward, though it can be a bit hidden in the cluttered home UI. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Tap the window/four squares icon located in the bottom left corner.
  3. Select the Community button.
  4. Navigate to the Community tab and find the code redeem center.
  5. Choose GIFT CODE from the options listed on the left.
  6. Enter your code and click Exchange.

Why Didn’t My Honor of Kings Code Work?

If you encounter issues with a code not working, it may have reached its claim limit. Some codes in HOK can only be redeemed a set number of times before they expire, typically around 100,000 claims.

While free skins are rare, hero fragments are common rewards that can be used strategically. Save them up to unlock a skin for a hero you truly enjoy playing with, rather than settling for a random skin.

By staying tuned to the game’s official channels and events, you can stay ahead of the curve and maximize your gaming experience in HOK with these redeem codes.

Honor of KIngs HOK Codes – June 2024

  • HB1Z1AF43 | Diamond Draw ticket (new)
  • 1B1Z12IEJ
  • GA1Z188M3 | 2 Hero Fragments
  • E71ZE5FPQ | Rare skin chest
  • T71Z1P8DL
  • GA1Z188M3
  • HOKJPGL62001 | JP server only
  • HOKJPGL62002 | JP server only
  • HOKJPGL62003 | JP server only
  • HOKJPGL62004 | JP server only
  • HOKJPGL62005 | JP server only

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