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Squad Buster has emerged as the latest MOBA RTS sensation, widely regarded as one of the standout games in its genre with a remarkable achievement of generating $24 million in revenue and amassing 40 million installations within its first thirty days of release. Its popularity extends beyond the United States, resonating strongly in markets such as Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey, and Korea.

However, despite its impressive debut, Squad Buster faces stiff competition from previous Supercell hits like Brawl Stars, which raked in $43 million in the same period, and Clash Royale, a 2016 juggernaut that topped the charts with $115 million in revenue.

In terms of installations, Squad Buster’s initial surge of 30 million within the first week gradually tapered off to less than 5 million by the end of its first month—a significant drop compared to its early momentum.

Supercell’s Squad Buster hallmark lies in its casual gameplay approach, blending card collecting and RPG elements that appeal to a broad audience seeking accessible strategic challenges. Players must carefully select characters to optimize their gameplay tactics, though the gameplay itself remains straightforward and engaging.

While Squad Buster boasts undeniable strengths, it follows a trajectory similar to other Supercell titles that may not sustain long-term engagement akin to their enduring successes. For those intrigued by its gameplay and eager to experience its tactical depth, Squad Buster is available for download on both Google Play and the App Store, inviting players to join its vibrant community and explore its dynamic MOBA RTS universe.

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