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SoMoGa, Inc. has officially launched Vay, bringing a wave of nostalgia to iOS, Android, and Steam with this classic 16-bit RPG. Featuring enhanced visuals, a revamped user interface, and convenient controller support, Vay takes you on a quest to save your kidnapped wife and potentially the entire world.

In Vay, players can choose their preferred difficulty level, making the game accessible to both newbies and seasoned veterans. With over a hundred enemies to discover, a dozen epic bosses to defeat, and more than 90 areas to explore, the game offers a rich and immersive experience. Animated cutscenes are available in both English and Japanese, complemented by an enhanced soundtrack that seamlessly loops for full immersion.

The revamped version of Vay includes a handy auto-save feature, allowing players to pick up and play anytime. Bluetooth controller support is also available for those who prefer not to use touchscreen controls.

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If you’re excited to dive into the adventure, you can find Vay on Google Play and the App Store for $5.99 or your local equivalent. For those who have the older iOS version, you can update to the revamped version for free.

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