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In Zenless Zone Zero, selecting the right Bangboo can mean the difference between victory and defeat. These powerful artifacts not only enhance your team’s capabilities but also define strategic gameplay with their unique abilities.

Whether you’re aiming to maximize elemental damage, improve energy generation, or enhance overall team synergy, choosing the best Bangboo is crucial. In this guide, we delve into the top five Bangboo that stand out amidst the myriad options available in Zenless Zone Zero.

Each of these Bangboo has been meticulously selected based on their effectiveness, utility, and strategic impact, ensuring you make informed decisions to bolster your team’s strength and dominate the battlefield.

Best Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero

1. Rocket Boo

5 Best Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero

The Rocket Boo is highly regarded for its exceptional synergy with fire-based team compositions in Zenless Zone Zero. Its ability to increase fire anomaly buildup with every chain attack is pivotal, especially when paired with characters like Soldier 11, Koleta and other, whose role revolves around dealing fire damage and controlling the battlefield.

The rocket-launching active skill further amplifies its utility by delivering potent fire damage and supporting coordinated attacks. This makes the Rocket Boo a cornerstone for teams focused on burning down enemies quickly and efficiently.

Its effectiveness lies not only in enhancing damage output but also in maintaining strategic control over the battlefield through consistent fire anomaly buildup and impactful active skills.

2. Plug Boo

5 Best Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero

The Plug Boo earns its place among the best due to its role in electric team compositions, where it excels at boosting electric anomaly buildup. This Bang Boo enhances the effectiveness of chain attacks with a high-powered ranged cannon active skill that inflicts electric damage and applies days.

This complements characters like Rina and Grace, who are pivotal in electric-centric strategies by enhancing shock effects and overall damage potential. The Plug Boo’s ability to consistently build electric anomaly, coupled with its versatile active skill, ensures it remains a top choice for players aiming to maximize damage and crowd control in their electric teams.

Its utility extends beyond straightforward damage, contributing significantly to team synergy and strategic flexibility in various combat scenarios.

3. Shark Boo

5 Best Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero

Known for its specialization in enhancing ice anomaly buildup when paired with two different ice characters, the Shark Boo offers strategic depth to mono-ice team compositions. Its active skill, deploying traps that home in on enemies and deal substantial ice damage, underscores its role as a formidable offensive asset.

While its trap placement can be inconsistent, the Shark Boo compensates with a low cooldown on its active skill, ensuring frequent deployment in battle.

This Bang Boo is particularly valuable in scenarios requiring sustained ice damage and anomaly buildup, making it a staple choice for players seeking to optimize their mono-ice team’s performance in both offensive and defensive capacities.

The Shark Boo’s ability to enhance ice-based strategies underscores its position as one of the top choices for players focusing on elemental synergy and strategic team building in Zenless Zone Zero.

4. Butler

5 Best Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero

The Butler stands out for its unique ability to boost energy generation within teams comprising Victoria Housekeeping Company faction characters. This Bang Boo’s snack-preparing active skill enhances utility by supporting energy-dependent strategies, crucial for sustaining high-intensity gameplay.

Paired with characters like Lycaon, Ellen and Rina , renowned for their support capabilities and synergy within the faction, the Butler enhances overall team functionality and endurance. Its versatility extends across various team compositions, offering consistent energy support that aids in maintaining offensive pressure and tactical flexibility during battles.

The Butler’s role in enhancing team sustainability and strategic options solidifies its place among the top Bangboo, particularly for players prioritizing resource management and team synergy in their gameplay approach.

5. Safety Boo

5 Best Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero

Conditional on having two or more Belobog Industries characters on the team, the Safety Boo excels in boosting chain attack damage, particularly effective when enemies are shocked or burned. Its active skill, launching the Bang Boo towards enemies with a drill-based attack, delivers substantial physical damage and complements shock effects with a high damage multiplier.

This Bang Boo’s strategic value lies in its ability to enhance sustained damage output and control through consistent application of shock and burn effects. While its effectiveness hinges on specific team compositions, such as those featuring characters like Anton, Ben Bearger and other, the Safety Boo offers a reliable option for players aiming to optimize damage potential and control in tactical combat scenarios.

Its role in maximizing chain attack damage and supporting strategic control strategies underscores its importance as a top-tier choice among Bangboo in Zenless Zone Zero, offering significant value in focused team compositions and gameplay strategies.

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