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Sky Piercer Mobile Legends Guide, All You Need to Know!! Today, we’re discussing the hottest item in the Mobile Legends community: Sky Piercer. We’ll cover everything you need to know, from stats and mechanics to the best heroes to use it on.

Mobile Legends Sky Piercer Stats and Mechanics

Sky Piercer grants you 60 adaptive attack, meaning it works for both physical and magic heroes. It also provides +15 movement speed, all for just 1,500 gold. But the real power lies in its unique passive ability. When you damage an enemy while your health is below 6%, Sky Piercer kills them by dealing 99,999 true damage, similar to the execute battle spell but automatic.

Each kill gives you 10 stacks, and for every 10 stacks, the HP threshold increases by 1%. At full stacks (60), this means you can execute enemies when their HP is at 12% or below. However, be careful because each death results in losing 30% of your current stacks. Additionally, if you hit multiple enemies, the lethality triggers only once, as shown in the example provided.

Best Heroes for Sky Piercer

Sky Piercer is best for heroes with high burst damage, good mobility or range, and skills that get stronger or deal more damage when enemies have low HP. Here are the top picks:

  • Roger: His passive basic attacks are HP-based, making it easy to lower enemies’ HP, and his second skill detects low HP targets.
  • Brody: His ultimate does more damage the lower the enemy’s HP is, and his range is perfect for securing kills.
  • Beatrix: Though not ideal early game, her high damage and skills are great for late-game executions.
  • Burst Assassins (Fanny, Ling, Hayabusa, Gusion): High damage and mobility make them perfect for stacking and executing.
  • Novaria: Her high damage and range with her second skill make her a perfect Sky Piercer user.

Heroes to Avoid Using the Item Sky Piercer?

Marksmen with no mobility, such as Hanabi, Layla, and Irithel, should avoid Sky Piercer as they are easy targets and will lose stacks quickly. Tanks and Fighters that don’t typically finish kills, as well as squishy mages, should also steer clear of this item.

Summon Skills and Sky Piercer

Certain summon skills can activate Sky Piercer’s effect:

  • Sun: His shadow clone technique.
  • Popol and Kupa: Kupa can activate the 99,999 true damage.
  • Claude: His mirror image, Dexter, can activate it.
  • Zask: His nightmaric spawn can trigger it.
  • Vexana: Her undead knight can activate it.
  • Rafaela: Her passive can trigger the instant kill effect.

How to Counter the Item Sky Piercer in Mobile Legends?

To counter Sky Piercer, monitor your HP and disengage if it gets too low. Check the scoreboard to see if an enemy has a high bounty and avoid engaging if their Sky Piercer is stacked. Ganking the Sky Piercer hero to reduce their stacks can also be effective. Additionally, heroes like Johnson can withstand the true damage from Sky Piercer.

Sky Piercer is a high-risk, high-reward item. If you secure early kills, it snowballs hard. But if you fall behind, it loses its utility. Use it on the right heroes and play it safe. That’s all for our Sky Piercer guide. Hopefully, this guide can help you in countering and mastering its usage in Mobile Legends.

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