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Monopoly GO Free Rolls Update on 25 July – If you’ve been playing the latest mobile version of Monopoly Go, you know that free rolls and dice can be hard to come by. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this guide, we’ll provide you with a daily list of links where you can get free rolls and dice. We update this list regularly to ensure you always have access to the latest and greatest freebies.

Monopoly GO Free Rolls:

25 July 2024

Monopoly GO NET Worth Upgrades Rewards List:

Monopoly Go Shield

Monopoly Go Shield

Additionally by rerolling, you can unlock many feature in the games, some of which are:

  • Auto-Roll (Level 5)
  • Rent Targets (Level 10)
  • Albums (Level 15)
  • Daily Gifts (Level 25)
  • Roll Capacity (Level 45)
  • Go! Tile (Level 60)
  • Rent Target Upgrade (Level 75)
  • Roll Regeneration (Level 120)
  • Bank Heist Upgrade (Level 140)
  • Shields Upgrade (Level 160)
  • Properties Upgrade (Level 180)
  • Chance Cards Upgrade (Level 300)
  • Stickers for Rewards (Level 400)
  • Daily Treats Increase (Level 450)
  • Shutdown (Level 500)
  • Rent (Level 700)
  • Stickers for Rewards (Level 1400)
  • Utilities (Level 3700)

Monopoly Go Free Dice Guide for Daily in the game

Monopoly GO Culinary Stars

Monopoly GO Culinary Stars

To maximize the number of free rolls and dice you can get, we recommend following this daily checklist:

  1. Facebook: Follow the official Monopoly Go Facebook page. Scopely, the game’s developer, occasionally gives away free gifts through this channel. While it may not be daily yet, it’s likely to grow over time.
  2. Instagram: Follow the official Monopoly Go Instagram account. Scopely occasionally runs competitions on Instagram where you can win free dice. Keep an eye on their posts to see what you can get!
  3. Discord: Join the Monopoly Go Discord server. Similar to other games like Coin Master, Monopoly Go offers a limited number of free dice daily through Discord. However, they can be quite difficult to obtain, so keep an eye out for any available links.
  4. Login Rewards: Make sure to log in to Monopoly Go every day. Each day you log in, you’ll receive a reward, which can include free rolls. Check the rewards on a weekly basis to know when you can expect some bonus dice.
  5. Daily Challenges: Complete the three daily challenges in Monopoly Go to earn quick rewards. These challenges occasionally include free rolls, so don’t forget to check in and complete them every day.
  6. Weekly Challenges: The daily challenges you complete also contribute to weekly rewards. Keep completing these daily challenges to earn additional rewards.
  7. Invite Friends: Invite your friends to play Monopoly Go. For each friend who starts playing, you’ll earn 30 free rolls. Don’t hesitate to invite as many people as possible to maximize your rewards.
  8. Play Regularly: The more you play, the more free rolls you’ll get. In Monopoly Go, you receive a free roll every five minutes. Initially, there is a cap of 30 rolls, but you can increase this limit by leveling up.
  9. Upgrade Your Town: Use the cash you earn from rolling dice to upgrade your town. You can invest in statues, buildings, and other points of interest. Once you’ve built all the available upgrades and maxed them out, your town is considered complete, and you’ll move on to the next one.
  10. Level Up: As you roll dice and spend money, your net worth and level increase.
  11. Complete Sticker Albums: Similar to Coin Master, Monopoly Go has sticker albums. Occasionally, you’ll receive stickers as rewards for playing, participating in events, or logging in daily. Collect these stickers to complete specific albums. Completing an album can earn you rewards, including free rolls. You can trade duplicates with friends or join the trading group on Facebook to complete your collection.

By following this daily checklist and utilizing the provided links for free rolls and dice, you’ll be able to maximize your rewards and enhance your Monopoly Go experience. So, get rolling and enjoy the game!

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