IOS 9 Can Track Flight Schedules

IOS 9 Flight Schedules
IOS 9 Flight Schedules

The latest generation of iOS seems promising qualified features. Latest information indicated if Apple’s latest mobile operating system will be able to inform its flight path to the traveler.

But actually this kind of feature is not new, Google Now has long had it. If in Android, Google Now will read the flight schedules of the user email or user calendar then to be displayed in the form of a reminder.

Well, IOS 9 also likely to have the same features. But in Apple’s new IOS user must activate it manually. As in Google Now, IOS will also scan email, calendar and note application to make the flight schedule.

Once activated, the flight number in an email, for example, will also be clicked on by the user to determine the flight schedule. The trick only a long press on the flight number, then you will see the message ‘preview flight’.

Flight preview will display a variety of information about the user cost, eg departure time, arrival time, or if there is a delay. In fact, not limited to text, flight information gained 9 users in iOS will also appear in the form of a map. These maps are able to demonstrate that the aircraft’s position in real time.

In addition to the IOS 9, Apple called also will immerse the same features in the latest Mac OS X later.

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