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Final Fantasy VII Expansion iOS Devices

Final Fantasy VII Expansion iOS Devices
Final Fantasy VII Expansion iOS Devices

Games that are commonly present in game consoles such as PlayStation, Final Fantasy 7, are now beginning to expand into mobile platforms such as iOS. IPhone and iPad users can immediately enjoy it.

Quoted from The Verge, the Final Fantasy 7 is now sold in the App Store for US $ 19.99. Square Enix – the game developer – states that the iOS version of Final Fantasy is similar to the version that is usually played on a PC without any changes or significantly additions.

According to the MNR Daily website, Final Fantasy 7, when compared to the Final Fantasy series, has been the most popular series among Final Fantasy fans.

At their peak, Final Fantasy 7 managed to break some record sales. So Square Enix announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo last June that is being developed remake of Final Fantasy 7. It is devoted to the Play Station 4.

From the Christian Post, another of the Final Fantasy series, the Final Fantasy 4, 5, 6, and game tactics are also now present in iOS with the offered price of US $ 16.

The prices of the Final Fantasy game series IOS version is indeed look more expensive than the PlayStation version of Final Fantasy offered by PSN, which is about US $ 10.

However, the required memory space is large enough to be able to play Final Fantasy 7 on an iPhone or iPad users. Quoted from the Wall Street Journal, it takes about 2 Gb of memory. While to download the game, it takes more than 4 GB of memory empty in the user’s device.

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